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I LOVE a meal plan, there is simply nothing more satisfying (to me!) than writing a meal plan.

The reasons why I love them:

  1. I know exactly what who’s eating what on what day.
  2. I know what I’m cooking.
  3. I know what I’m buying when I go to the supermarket.
  4. It saves me money.
  5. It helps reduce waste and re-purpose leftovers.

So, how do I do it? Well firstly, I figure out who is in the house on what day, the husband works shifts and isn’t always home for dinner, so I don’t want to be making gourmet complicated dishes if A) I have no one to distract the kids while I’m cooking, and B) the kids won’t eat it!

The next step – and possibly the most important! Do a stock take of what is already in your house! Write it down! Go through the cupboards, the fridge and the freezer! Can you make anything out of those ingredients? Yes! Excellent then you’ve shaved some money off your shopping bill (you’re welcome!). If you can’t make a whole meal think of ingredients you can buy that would complete that meal, that can be used across many meals.

Once you’ve done that, then think about what you actually want to eat that week, I always aim for a couple of veggie maybe even a vegan dishes, a fish dish, chicken and a red meat dish. Get the people that WILL be eating the food involved too! Think about doubling up on a meal for a freezer stash portion – future you will be so grateful when they’re doing the food stock take 😉

Once you’ve completed the meal plan and know what you’re eating, get your shopping list written, get to the shops – and stick to the list*

*Ok, I admit, I don’t always stick to the list – if there’s a bargain to be had, like an amazing reduction that can be frozen and I’ve got room in the freezer, then I will get it. And like a marketers dream, I’m a sucker for the middle isle in Aldi – hello special buys!

So, now you’ve seen my tips, I’ll share this weeks meal plan with you.

Monday: Everyone in – Chicken fajitas (left overs to be re purposed for lunch).

Tuesday: Everyone in – beef goulash & veggies (leftovers for lunch). 

Wednesday: No Daddy – Butternut squash Mac n cheese. 

Thursday: No Daddy – Butternut squash Mac n cheese. 

Friday: No Daddy – Egg fried rice and prawns. 

Saturday: Everyone in – Falafal, wraps & hummus. 

Sunday: Kids – freezer stash pasta. Adults Chicken Katsu curry (when kids in bed). 

Breakfasts; cereals, freezer stash waffles, freezer stash croissants, fruit and yogurts. 

Lunches; Leftovers, wraps, beans on toast, soups. 

Any meal planners out there got any tips to add? I’d love to hear from you!

Maria x

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