This post is super top secret; so if Austin and Georgia call you Nanna, Granddad or Granny, please quickly exit this post until December 26th – thank you.

Now, if you don’t answer to Nanna, Granddad or Granny (to my children) then please keep reading!

Last Friday, we went to a super top secret photo shoot at MI and Co The Portrait Studio to take part in their Capow photoshoot. We had a family photoshoot at MI and Co shortly after Georgia turned one and these are still some of my favourite family photos; even now three years later they’re still in pride of place on the living room walls (I’m sure you’ll have seen them in the back ground of my Instagram stories).

Now, I struggle for Christmas gift ideas for my parents and mother in law, there are only so many toiletries and chocolate gift-sets you can receive year after year (am I right?!) So I’ve started giving more meaningful gifts, framed photos of the children, school photos and making photo books with a selection of pictures from the year. But even this is starting to feel a little repetitive, so when I saw MI and Co were doing the Capow shoots, I knew I had to book it, the same gift for grandparents – but different!

I booked the shoot when we were out on a family day out at a local festival as they had a stand advertising the shoot – the offer was too good to turn down; I paid £20.00 to secure the booking which included a 1 hour epic photoshoot, with professional movie grade film set up props and background. A selection of superhero costumes to chose from and a 1 hour cinematic viewing experience. This also included a framed portrait and a £50 gift credit towards any package.

I was super sneaky and kept the shoot a surprise from the kids, well I did tell them originally but the news of the house has taken over so I didn’t remind them, and I’m glad I didn’t! Their faces when we arrived at the studio and saw it all set up was amazing! They got to select their own costumes (we brought some for Georgia too in case they didn’t fit) Austin chose The Flash and we took his Spider Man costume too – he could have stayed all day and dressed up as everyone – we’re definitley getting him some more costumes for Chritsmas now. Georgia dressed up as Super Girl and Wonder Woman – she got very into character!

They both had so much fun playing around, lifting the set and flying through the air, they didn’t want it to end. The hour absolutely flew by, but the fun was not over yet! We went down to the viewing room and got to see their photos played out in our own private viewing – the both loved watching the reel and couldn’t believe they were seeing themselves lifting gurders and flying! It was incredible to watch and to see their reactions.

The only difficult part for us was narrowing down the selection of photos. I imagined we’d only want a couple, because even though they are my children, they’re in costume – how wrong I was! Their personalities had been truly captured, they weren’t hidden behind a mask like I’d imagined, they were shining! They were stunning! I was getting carried away thinking about giant A1 posters of them hung on the walls in the new house and really had to reel myself back in and remember that the purpose of the shoot was to create a photobook for grandparents – oh heck to that! Give me all the pictures, they’re all going up on the wall in the new house!

Now this is the difficult part (for an incredibly inpatient person like me!) waiting for them to be fully edited and sent to me! I can already tell they are going to be worth every second.

Here are a few sneaky peaks that I captured on the day – of course I’ll share a selection with you when I get them back, as long as you don’t ruin the surprise for Nanna, Granddad and Granny!

If you want to book a Capow photoshoot please get in touch with MI and Co on 01274 532951
Please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email at
You can check out my Instagram page here and Facebook here.
Thanks for reading, Maria x

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