Micro Scooters

*Scooters were gifted as part of a collaboration; all opinions are mine.

You guys! How long have I promised this post?! Oops – sorry! We’ve just been having too much fun test driving the scooters! (All in the name of research!)

Ok, so seriously, over the Halloween break we were incredibly lucky to be sent some amazing Micro Scooters to test out – it is safe to say we spent EVERY dry moment outside on them (and have done since – chicken pox and all). Walking is SO last year – if we’ve got somewhere to be, you better believe we’re scooting there.

I had been thinking long and hard about getting Austin a scooter for Christmas, he had grown out of his 3 wheeler a long time ago and was definitley due an upgrade, but I just didn’t know if it was the right time to make the transition from a 3 wheeler to 2 wheels. He’s still my baby, but that boy is independent! School definitley plays a part in the old peer pressure, and fomo – for both kids and parents!

Austin is my first born, he is paving the way for Georgia, she will definitely experience things much sooner than I would have liked, or sooner than Austin ever did (chocolate before 1 anyone?!). Most of Austin’s friends have older siblings, so they’re already experiencing things earlier, like a 2 wheeled scooter!

I just didn’t know what he’d make of 2 wheels; I wasn’t very proactive with his bike, originally getting him a balance bike, then losing MY nerve I put him on stablisers before going back to a balance bike and eventually a proper bike, he was riding that like a pro less than a week of having it. The balance bike gave him the confidence and self belief that he could balance; he must have been a flamingo in a previous life as I often catch him stood around on one leg shouting “look mummy! I can balance!” I knew watching him stand around on one leg that he was ready for a 2 wheeled scooter. And Oh My Days does he love it, he’s taken to it like an absolute dream – he flies on it! The joy he gets from being out on his scooter is the best feeling, watching him push himself to glide a little longer, go a little faster and watching him attempt tricks and ramps in the scooter park – I can’t believe I did’t get him one sooner.

We chose the Classic Micro Cruiser (in blue), he was drawn to the bigger wheels and the fancy chopper handle bars. It is perfect and so easy to use. Austin is able to fold it away himself to store when he’s not using it and can easily open it up. It’s very light and easy to lift into the car and store away. The kickstand is such a great feature to keep it upright when he stops to collect some treasure (like conkers and pine cones) he’s seen on the floor when he’s been whizzing past, or if he just needs to stop for another snack!

The quality of the scooter is amazing, it is made to last and worth every penny, a real investment that will grow with your child with the adjustable handle bar. The Cruiser is aimed at ages 5 – 10 years.

I am so glad we made the transition and listened to his begging! If you’re not ready for a 2 wheeler scooter yet, Micro Scooter have an amazing selection of 3 wheeled scooters perfect for younger children; Georgia is using the Micro Mini Cruiser Deluxe (in pink). This again is an incredibly smooth ride with easy tilt to turn. She definitely gives Austin a run for his money when they’re out together – they’re both speed demons.

My favourite feature of Georgia’s scooter is the LED wheels which light up as she rides, an essential safety feature for the darker evenings when you’re riding home from school and need to be seen by people and traffic. For this reason, I also chose Deluxe helmets, they have a flashing light on the back of the helmet, which is easy enough to press so the kids can turn them on. Safety conscious Maria! The helmets also have a really fantastic magnetic buckle fastening to prevent skin getting trapped.

We absolutely love our Micro Scooters and will be spending a lot of time on them, keep a look out on Instagram stories for us hoping on and showing off our new skills! I can’t recommend them enough, if you are considering buying one as a Christmas gift, be sure to take a look at the Black Friday offers which are happening now to bag yourself a bargain!

If you have any questions about Micro Scooters, please feel free to drop me a comment below, or send me an email at toddlerandtoast@gmail.com
Please check out my Instagram page and Facebook

Thank you for reading, Maria x

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