Eggs & Tales

For Easter this year, we did something a little different – we attended Eggs & Tales at Kirkstall Abbey, hosted by Sneak Experience. (The tickets were gifted).

I’ve written about an event we attended last year; Mermaids and Pirates which was amazing, you can read about it here.

The event this year was just as amazing! Made even better by the glorious weather in the stunning surroundings.

My kids are very much early birds, they have a serious case of fomo’s which is why they always start their day around 6am, so I booked us onto the 9:30 slot.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Alice (in wonderland) who began to tell us that her friend Peter (Rabbit) was missing! She needed to help to find him! A lot of help! She came to the conclusion that to find a rabbit one must think like a rabbit! She had the children hopping, ducking and diving on our quest. Parent participation was STRONGLY encouraged! This was right up Georgia’s street being the extrovert that she is, Austin couldn’t fight the urge not to jump and was soon joining in.


On our travels we bumped into the Witch from Room on the Broom, he, oops, SHE was just as entertaining, telling tales and joining us on our mission.

We did find a Peter, but this one was Peter Pan, who was fresh from Neverland to help on our important quest.


We soon stumbled upon the sassiest of princesses Rapunzel, (who knew being trapped in a tower for the majority of her life would lead her to have the quickest wit in all the land?!) She soon whipped us into shape and divided us into teams to help find the mischievous missing Peter Rabbit.

Off we went with Alice, it was a very important day for Alice; it was her “unbirthday” so we sang a very merry unbirthday to her, complete with actions! It turned into a real party under the trees with karaoke in full swing, with children singing to their favourite Disney songs (Let it go!).


Next we ventured off with Rapunzel to do a little more music action. This was Austins time to shine, he followed the rhythm perfectly shaking his tambourine.

We did some sword fighting with Peter and learnt how fight and defend ourselves.

We also learnt how to cast spell with the witch, it was lots fun deflecting the enemies spells.


After a busy morning of mastering our new skills, the man of the hour arrived! Peter rabbit was here and ready for photos! In true British fashion we formed an orderly queue, somehow we ended up at the very end, but someone has to be right?!.


The kids were too hot and didn’t have the patience for queuing, so we didn’t have a photo with Peter. (and after how Georgia was with the full costumed characters at the caravan it’s a good job we left the queue!).

After selecting their Easter egg, we left with great memories of the day.

It was a fantastic morning; lots of fun for children and adults. Very different to the first event we attended by Sneaky Experience; Mermaids and Pirates which was ‘explore at your own pace.’ I enjoyed the structure of this event and as an ex thespian this was right up my street!



I can’t wait to attend more events and make more memories with my little family.

Thank you for reading, Maria x

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