Happy 3rd Birthday Georgia

I came here to write about our Easter adventure with Sneaky Experience, but I’ve just read Austin’s 5th birthday post and realised I haven’t done one for Georgia’s 3rd birthday.

That poor second child misses out on so much; I laugh at the hilarity and the realness of the memes about second children, not having the monthly milestone photos, not having the pinterest worthy bedroom. I like to think its because we know that really these kids don’t remember (nor care!) but the reality is life is hectic and we don’t have the time to be putting any more pressure on ourselves.

Birthday cake for breakfast
(life of the second child, hand me down PJs)

This week for example, Georgia started pre school nursery, it is a massive deal! I’m so proud of her and she is so ready to go (turns out me not so much!). The kids sleep out at grandparents – I’m incredibly lucky to have that option and them to have such a great relationship with their grandparents, they spend days and hours away from me, but these lonely hours without both children here have hit me hard. Its the start of what’s coming next – they’re growing up and figuring out who they are, and that they wont always need me.

I documented this moment for Austin with a photoshoot in brand new ‘nursery’ clothes, photoed the walk to school, had him pose under trees to capture the perfect insta snap!

Georgia was rushed out of the door without a single photo, she didn’t have a brand new ‘nursery wardrobe’ – we did get her a school jumper though, there were no nice photos on the way / under trees, and I’m pretty certain her face had baked beans on it…! Poor G!

So in the interest of fairness to both of my children, I will dedicate this post to your 3rd birthday my darling girl. The girl that turned our world upside down, who took everything we thought we knew about being parents and threw it out of the window – the one who completed our family. The most stubborn person I have ever met. You make me laugh, make me cry and have robbed me of so much sleep that there will never be enough botox in the world to remove these wrinkles and I wouldn’t have you any other way. Go live your life, your new chapter is waiting baby girl.

Thank you for reading x
Do you feel your second child gets different experiences to your first?

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