Austin is 5

My darling baby boy ain’t a baby anymore, he’s five. Five! Seriously where did that time go? The days are LONG but the years are SHORT are the truest words I’ve ever heard.

I found his 5th birthday really hard to accept, especially now he’s a school boy. He has a whole other life I’m not a part of, that I only get glimpses of when I ask. He’s changing and figuring out who he is, telling me that five years don’t get picked up for cuddles and kisses at school (well I’m sorry to disappoint you son, but as long as I can pick you up, you are getting kisses and cuddles at school!). Toying with the idea that I’m ‘Mum’ and not ‘Mummy’ (my heart broke).

He has grown so much since September, since starting school, mastering new skills; reading and writing, learning about things I never even thought to teach him, like spheres and cuboids, and damn is he proud of himself and what he can do.

I struggled so much with this birthday, because this was the first birthday I had to share him. I’m a summer kid, so I’ve never been to school on my birthday, (I’ve never even worked on my birthday!) Austin never went to a private nursery he was always home with us so we always celebrated his birthdays – not that 1 year old Austin had any clue that I’d taken a days annual leave to celebrate with him! Or his 2nd birthday for that matter! Then when he did start preschool his birthday fell during the Easter holidays, yippie we got him to ourselves again!

He had the best of both worlds this year, he got up, got dressed in his school uniform and asked to go downstairs to open his birthday presents! He took cupcakes to school for all his friends for snack time and I took myself off to the salon for a pamper and mostly to stop myself from clock watching. I was outside those school gates ready to beat Mo Farrah to get my birthday boy and we went out for a family tea to an American Dinner and playbarn.

Happy birthday to the boy that made me mummy, to the boy that started my blog, to the boy that made me release I love cooking and being in the kitchen, to the boy who took me on a food journey with him and forced me to stop being so ridiculously fussy. Happy birthday my darling boy, I promise that will love you until you are 1005 and until you are as tall as a giant.

Anyone else struggling with birthdays now their children are getting older?
Maria x

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