Lego Discovery

Like most parents of school age children, we are now forced to joining the crowds of people that do things on a weekend.

I really miss Austin during the week; but I know how important his school life is and how much he is thriving – he is genuinely excited to learn and is so proud of his own achievements (long may it continue!).

But what I miss more, is being able to go somewhere during the week, without the crowds, without being on edge because it’s so busy. This coming from a hardened commuter! I would take the rush hour (child free) train over the busy crowded family centered places that our now our life.

Hubby often works weekend; he actually gets very little time with Austin, so me being the planner that I am – I schedule FUN family days for the four of us as often as we can.

The last couple of weekends have been pretty jammed packed, we had a trip to Blackpool and Dino golf (see my previous blog if you fancy seeing what we got up to) and also had a my mum’s birthday tea party.

A couple of weekends ago, we were very kindly gifted family passes to The Lego Discovery Center Manchester. I kept it as a surprise from the kids as long as I could. They love it there! We first went for Georgia’s birthday last year and they still remember it now.

We got there for opening (10am) and due to the horrendous weather it seemed like every family within an hour drive of the LDC was headed there too, as it was so busy we were given timed wrist bands to help make it fairer for all guests visiting (until 1pm), which I didn’t mind too much as we hadn’t paid for our tickets.

As we walked in we had our obligatory staged photos to be photo-shopped into various hilarious settings, I always love looking at these but I’ve never bought one yet (does anyone buy these!?) and embarked on our adventure!

You enter through the factory, which is really interactive for the children, pressing buttons and turning wheels to create their own piece of lego (duplo).

There’s a walk way of lego sculptures, some really great creations, Alton Towers, Blackpool Tower and beach, each area has an interactive button so the kids can make parts of it move or light up. You definitely need Master Builder skill level to create these creations!

Now the bits you really want to know, the play area! So before you get to the play area, there’s a quest roller coaster where you get to shoot the baddies to save the princess, which is really fun! Me and Daddy took it very seriously trying to get the high score, I didn’t win, but in my defense I was helping Georgia an awful lot – so I think our points should have been joint 😉

Within the play area is a duplo farm style soft play for young children, a ninjago area for bigger kids which Austin and Georgia spent most of their time; with a ball pit area, slide, lazer area! There are lots of areas you can just build with the lego and add to the creations that are already on show.

There are more rides within the play area but Georgia must have shrunk or they have increased the height as she wasn’t tall enough this year, I’m hoping she has a growth spurt by her birthday so she can enjoy them in April, if not I’ll pack her platforms ;). The previous year Austin did some driving but we just didn’t have time to get on one this time.

Their favourite part of the visit is the trip to the Lego Shop on the way out, picking all the sets they just have to have, these kids love Lego! And its definitely given me some ideas for their birthdays.

In true Toddlerandtoast style, we headed for lunch (who doesn’t love burgers, right?!). I had a lunchbox packed for the kids so it was just me and daddy eating a Five Guys, with the kids, of course snaffling on our fries!!

The day was rounded off with a wander round (the extremely busy) Trafford Cenrte; looking in the Disney store and finished with a Lush bubble bar purchase.

The kids loved their visit and don’t seem to notice things like the crowds, I must just be getting old. We’re headed back to the LDC for their birthdays and will also be adding a trip to the Sea Life center – I’m very excited to head back!

Has anyone else been to a Lego Discovery Center? Lego Land Windsor is on my list to visit but the price (wow!) and the distance is bit off putting.

If you know of any amazing places we should visit – please let me know, within an hours drive of Yorkshire would be ideal!

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If you want to have a look at what happenings at the Manchester Lego Discovery Centre click here.

2 thoughts on “Lego Discovery

  1. littlehumanbigfoodie March 20, 2019 — 8:34 pm

    Great review, we want to try logo discovery but wasn’t sure what was there for a 2 yo, but you have given enough info for us to know we would love to visit. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for reading! It’s definitely worth a visit – we love it!


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