Everything Comes In Threes…

Have you heard the saying, “everything comes in threes” And do you believe it?

My mum is a big believer in this saying, its something I’ve heard a lot growing up, along with all the other superstitious sayings like “don’t put new shoes on the table.” I’m sure they’re more, but I just can’t think of them right now.

I actually feel like writing “its been one of those weeks” – except its not, as weeks go, its been good, the kids have been OK (except for all the darn snack demands!) They spent Tuesday night and Wednesday with their Granny, allowing me the chance to do the mum admin / driving lessons / batch cooking… the list goes on.

Today has been a really great day; we went to the Media Museum and the kids loved it! I took them on the Ferris wheel in town and we rounded the day out off with a cheeky Nandos.

So what are these “three things?” Allow me to explain:

  • Wednesday morning, as I was mid bake! We had a powercut! The house fell silent, the radio went off, the oven went off and all the other appliances that were running in rooms I wasn’t in – went off. I didn’t know what to do so rang hubby, who talked me through it. Ta da! All working again, except, wait, where is the noise of the oven humming?! My cake bars?! They *just* cooked. So the element has gone, he’s ordered a replacement, now I just need him here to replace it!
  • Today, the washing machine handle has snapped off the door! There is washing being held hostage in the darn thing, my favourite fake silk jammies, hubbies uniform, all of the usual things too. Georgia’s fave Pjs (massive discussion tonight making her think she chose the Pudsey Bear pjs since the ladybird ones are trapped for the foreseeable future.) And you thought serving your toddler the wrong coloured cup at dinner was tough – wow, you ain’t seen nothing like stubborn G demanding something she physically can’t have.
  • So what is ‘thing three?’ now this one is still up for debate, it could be this mornings antics; just as we were about to leave for the museum and hubby was about to leave for work; he realised his wallet was missing, cue frantic searching, logging into online banking to make sure no one had been using the cards. We couldn’t find it, so I’m mentally planning all of the companies I need to contact to cancel cards, request new driving licenses… then he rang to say he’d found it at work – so I’m not sure this is thing three, since its a pretty none thing, but I hope it is, because I can’t take a real ‘thing’ thing.
  • Thing three could be the giant spider that is currently sat staring at me from across the room, that I have just seen when I’ve looked up from the laptop! Cue silent screams! (It’s not massive but its bigger than I like them, I prefer the size of, they don’t exist!).

So I hope my first world problems of bad luck have run their course, and I can just enjoy the rest of this (now very expensive) half term. We’ve got some fab plans lined up, if you follow me on Instagram, you definitely want to be locked in for the weekend! I won’t say too much now, we’re off for a family getaway to Blackpool and a special trip on Sunday.

Do you believe in the three things?
How are you finding the half term break?

Maria x

Make sure you give me a follow on www.instagram.com/toddlerandtoast – right now I have some fab snack recipes to make the half term a little easier and to give your lunch boxes a head start when school life kicks back in. If you want to get in touch, drop me a mail at toddlerandtoast@gmail.com

my worst nightmare – this many kids! Two is plenty for me!

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