Woo! We’re (not) going to Ibiza

Mr Toddlerandtoast and I have said, absolutely no holidays abroad in 2019. (cue crying faces) Now, before you start to feel too sorry for us, we do have Butlins booked for June – which we CANNOT wait for!

This post isn’t about Butlins; I’ll save that for another day.

For two consecutive years, we went on holiday to Ibiza, to the same location and the same hotel complex. We loved our trip in 2017, it definitely had its moments, but for the majority we loved it. So much so, we booked a last minute deal to go again in 2018 – I had just quit my job and justified it that we NEEDED the family time, cost be damned!

We booked the All Inclusive week to a hotel we knew and felt comfortable in, right on the beach in a small resort.

We’d just come back from Butlins 6 weeks earlier and were full of the bravdo! We could be one of the next glob trotting families! Oh how very wrong we were.

I’m not sure what was exactly wrong with the holiday, but its certainly scared us from taking this show abroad again.

The kids fallings out seemed way more amplified abroad, and the judgey stares from people that don’t speak your language is way more intense. I’m pretty certain there was a cheer as we left our room with our bags to go home. No really.

I laugh real belly laughs now when I think about the trip we took to the famous Hippy market, 2017 this was a highlight – the kids jamming to Bob Marley tribute bands eating pizza and ice creams while me and daddy watched them sipping a craft beer. 2018 – we headed straight to the main tent to relive 2017’s joy, it could not be more different. The kids didn’t like their pizza, or their ice-creams, or their drinks?! Were fully fist fighting in front of the band so no one could hear the music. I have a hilarious picture of Austins extremely cross face photobombing my beer guzzling selfie.

Someone was very unhappy at the hippy market.

They ate very little during the whole holiday, despite it being All inclusive with all the food available, that they eat at home. Instead they dined 90% on ice creams and slush puppies. So you can imagine the sugar fulled little terrors they were. And stupid me, scared by the heatwave, allowed them to have the ice-creams for breakfast lunch and dinner and slush puppies whenever they wanted fearing they were going to collapse with dehydration at any moment – oh how they played me!

So were there any good bits of the holiday? Sure!

Being on the beach and playing in the sand every day was a highlight for them. We packed a beach tent to keep them cool and brought ALL the beach toys you could think of. They were happy digging, building and smashing up each others sand castles. Having fresh fruit right there on the beach was just perfect.

Scariest hour of my life

Going on a peddle-o: Ok, this was NOT a highlight for me, but the laughter from the kids was strong. I like to swim, and think I can swim pretty well, but I’m also pretty pathetic and wear lenses – so there was no way I was going down the peddle-o slide into the jelly fish induced deep sea water (Austin was stung by a jelly fish earlier that day). Daddy was literally rocking the boat, and I was fully bricking it that someone was going to fall into the deep sea and would need rescuing. Daddy also thinking he was training for the Olympics was doing the most dramatic dives off the top, again causing it to near capsize. The kids found it HILARIOUS and proceeded to try push him into the sea. I have never peddled so hard in my life to get us all back to shore – leaving daddy to swim behind us.

Taking the road train to the neighbouring town and beach, (this was also a 2017 highlight too) it was the cutest train and the beach is stunning, getting to experience some real Ibiza culture popping into the slow pace bars for fresh smoothies. Ahh this was a pretty perfect day.

Every evening we would sit with a drink and some Tapas watching the sun go down and the lizards come out, the kids loved being on lizard watch and feeding them their tapas instead of eating it themselves.

Tapas and Lizards

So I may have inadvertently talked myself into an abroad holiday – don’t mind me while I pop to check some school holiday deals.

Who else is jetting off this year?

Maria x

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