The Light Cinema

This must be what it feels like to go to a Movie premier! The kids clothes (ok and mine! ) were carefully chosen, because lets face it – there were going to be a lot of photos taken. I had even roped in a photographer for the occasion, just the husband, but you know, it was a massive responsibility for him, he doesn’t often take photos.

We were very kindly gifted a family ticket to see Mary Poppins Returns at The Light Cinema along with two Kids Combo snack meals.

We were told that the team would be, ‘expecting us’ – how exciting is that?! I waltzed up to the desk, “Hi, I’m Maria, I understand, you’re expecting us” while secretly praying it isn’t the biggest wind up ever and the woman wasn’t going to laugh in my face and say “you are you?” But she didn’t, she played along perfectly, talking me through where we were sat. And making the kids feel super special letting them choose their snacks of choice.

The Kids Combos were such a lovely touch, they got a small popcorn which was actually a decent size, enough to share with me and Daddy (popcorn seems to be a bottomless snack!) a choice of fruit shoot / water and a snack of small bag of chocolate or raisins. Naturally both of mine chose the Magic Stars.

The Cinema is such a much needed, refreshing venue for my city. Stylishly decorated, the perfect backdrop for your Instagram selfies on date night. Oh and did I mention there is a bar?! The perfect venue for our next date, when we get a baby sitter. Cocktail in hand and a new movie – perfect.

The staff were so friendly, the cinema was clean and the theater was so spacious and comfortable, enough room for your little to snuggle on your knee during the movie or when you need to restrain them from running around. This was our second visit to The Light Cinema (we paid for our first visit to see The Grinch), and I think the movie was a little too long for them with not enough animation to keep them entertained nearing the end, and when they feel comfortable somewhere they tend to push the boundaries! Kids eh?! So they wont be invited back until we go to see Toy Story 4, but me and the husband will be back long before then!

When did you first take your little person to the cinema and what did you see?


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