Kids Parties

Talk to me about kids birthday parties – do you throw them?

I LOVE a party! Or rather, I love throwing a party, I love the prep, the planning, the organising – and seeing people enjoy themselves.

Just call me Monica – “I’m always the hostess.”

I have always thrown the kids a birthday party, and without blowing my own trumpet too hard – last years was pretty amazing!

I’m lucky that both babes are April babies, so I’ve stuck gold and done joint parties for the last couple of years – 1 party, all the guests and 1 giant cake to share.

Now this year, is a little different. Firstly I am struggling to commit to a party. You see, Austin has started reception and the class has 45 kids! I feel it has to be an all or none invite, especially since he hasn’t yet formed the BFF bonds for life. He talks about a few kids, but parents of the kids he doesn’t talk about, tell me that their kids always talk about him!? Kids are fickle they have a new bestie every week!

Firstly I’m not sure all 45 kids would attend, but that is one heck of a number – what if none attended? What if they needed to bring a sibling!? (I’m always that annoying parent that asks if I can bring Georgia along, as the parties are normally on a Saturday when no one can watch her!).

Then we have family and none school friends, and if I was to do a joint party; Georgia’s ballet friends!

This potential list is getting even bigger.

The next quandary I have, no one at his school has thrown a birthday party for their kid (or we’ve not been invited…). Do people throw parties!? Well, I know they do, his nursery school last year felt like it was a party every other weekend – but that was a smaller class, more manageable.

Austin wants and expects a party, it’s what he’s used to. So I suppose that’s answered my question – now just how to go about it…

So last years party was pretty amazing!

I hired a hall, a bouncy castle, ride on bouncy things and soft play blocks.

We had music and disco lights, an open buffet for the kids so they could graze as and when they liked instead of a formal “food” time.

And my personal favourite (and always on offer at my parties!) cupcake and prosecco/ beer stand for the grown ups – I’m not sure what the school parents thought to this touch; one of them tried to “buy” some beers to take home thinking it was a for sale stand!

Nope, all my parties will always have the alcohol – it’s a celebration for me too! I’ve survived another year of parenting 😘 cheers!

Maria x

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1 thought on “Kids Parties

  1. Great ideas for a kids party 🙂


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