The SAHM Life

Hey all! Its been a while since I have properly written anything – but I’m back with a fire in my belly and a twitch in my hand, ready to write.

What better starting point than right now, you see, a lot has changed.

Firstly I have become a Stay at Home Mum.

I’m not sure its a ‘job’ I wanted, but its the one I’ve got right now. Its a job that’s taking some getting used to – weird to say considering that my children are 4 & 2, right? But I enjoyed going out to work, doing a good job and being rewarded for doing so. I enjoyed earning an income and contributing to the household. I enjoyed the break, a lunch break where I could eat uninterrupted, without needing to get someone a different juice because I dared to serve them orange instead of blackcurrant. I even enjoyed the commute – a journey in solitude where no one fights over who saw the monkey puzzle tree first. I mean it would be pretty amazing if the commuters did have this argument at 8am every day!

So how did I get to the SAHM life?

I worked for a large insurance company and dreamed of being made redundant to have the fat payout – I thought I couldn’t cope with the commute with 2 kids at home and the 9 to 5 life. And while I was on maternity leave with Georgia I got the call I’d dreamed of – the office was closing and we were all being made redundant! Yippie! I had to go back for 1 month before my official leave date, and I loved it! I loved the commute and knew I was going to miss those people that I had worked with for the best part of 10 years. And the big fat payout, wasn’t as big and fat as I thought it would be as I had gone part time. But when the day came, it was enough to allow me the chance to stay at home for summer with the kids before Austin started school.

I got another job, with the hours that fit, the pay was terrible and it was certainly a self demotion. It also meant my husband could no longer be flexible at work as he was required to have set days off to have the children while I was at work, and the worst part – we were ships that passed in the night. We didn’t get a day when it was the 4 of us. I missed my husband and I missed the kids doing things with both of us. We talked about it at great length, and came to the conclusion that I should resign from the dead-end job, have this time with the kids, “I will never get this time back!” I told myself over and over. Allow husband to focus on his career – and within a matter of weeks of me resigning he had been promoted.

Everything on the outside looks perfect, he is bringing home the bacon and cooking it.

But I feel like a part of me is missing, so I’ve gone full throttle back to the Instagram world. –  I LOVE it, its giving me a sense of ‘me’ back. I talk to some great people there that get the way I’m feeling about the SAHM life. I’m going to start writing more and keep this thing updated! (famous last words!).

I’ve set some goals for the year, which are keeping me focused:

  1. Learn to drive. 
  2. Get my own car. 
  3. Get a job I love. 

Is anyone else out there living the SAHM life?

Maria x



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